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Eric’s Current Affairs Round-up


20130530054212!Spartacus_season_3_posterIf you’ve ever started this series, nothing else need be said. But, if you’re of the unfortunate souls yet to discover it, take heed and begin the journey. I’ve long awaited this final season, and just now finally got around to watching it. It is likely one of my favorite series… EVER! Having just finished watching Breaking Bad, that’s saying something. The show itself revolves around Spartacus. For those of you unaware of the tale, Spartacus was a slave who led a three year rebellion during the roman empire. Stanley Kubrick actually had a movie titled Spartacus as well. As far as action goes, this show is unparallelled. I will give a mild disclaimer: there is basically soft-core porn and heavy gore in the show. It definitely captures the roman era, though, and I never found it to be distasteful.  I give it 5 stars! Watch it!

670px-0,800,0,449-Kill-la-kill_wp_pc_1920x1080_aAnother show I recently started watching, Kill La Kill. This high intensity anime is equal parts action, velocity, bizarre, and fun. The show never seems to take itself too seriously, and even in the most dire encounters, the protagonist will fall victim to co-star, Mako’s, humorous side-tracks. Ryuko, the main character, searches for her father’s killer and finds herself on the steps of a totalitarian high school run by who she suspects to be the culprit. Students vie for power through school uniforms that range from one to three star goku uniforms (more stars=more power). The fights are action packed and stretch the bounds of reality. The overtly sexualized uniforms for some characters does take a little getting used to, but anyone familiar with anime would understand. I haven’t yet finished the series, so keep the comments quiet! If you are a fan of anime, I’d definitely give it a go. Episode one sets the pace pretty quickly.

babyJust another day down the road to the wild wacky world of Japan (in the best way)! Probably not a lot of people aware of them yet, but the young girls featured above are part of a growing sensation in Japan known as Baby Metal. Mixing the instrumentals of death metal with the vocalizations of Japanese Pop, the girls have created a strange, but remarkable, genre. They’ve been around for a few years, (Yes, even though they are already so young!). I discovered them on YouTube with one of their hit songs, Gimme Chocolate. I’d strongly advise checking out that link with your speakers turned to maximum. Definitely not a band for everyone, but the catchy lyrics and dominating guitar shreds/drum solos get me pumped up. I’ve been using them for my workouts lately. Very effective.


Author: ejlong0

Wrapping up my final year in earning my Bachelors from Ball State University. I have a Marketing Major and a Creative Writing/Japanese Minor. Currently trying to secure a position in the JET program to teach ESL in Japan!

2 thoughts on “Eric’s Current Affairs Round-up

  1. I would label the shows with big bold font at the top and number them, it helps people who aren’t familiar with the material get a better grip on the post. Plus numbers in title are always a good thing i.e. My Top 3 Favorite ____

  2. I think this is a pretty worthwhile blog post. I don’t watch a ton of television, but everyone’s favorite television show says a lot about them. It looks like you have a pretty wide range of interests– maybe try breaking up different subjects/pictures with white space or a dividing line. It might be easier to absorb the information if it’s in clearly-titled sections.

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