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Literary DeathMatch BSU



Last Friday, March 21st, I went to an event called literary deathmatch, a showdown between creative writers where they display a few pieces and then move on via audience voting. Ball State has broken up their preliminaries into three Fridays for fifteen students to weigh their works against one another. On March 21st, the even took place at Village Green Records. I’d never been there before, and wow, was it just a little bit cramp. Aside from that, the five presenters were great.

1-Kendra Roberts

2- Ethan Rivers

3-Brittany Means (A fellow Lit Citizen and classmate) See her blog here

4-Matt Ryan

5-Orion Joll

Since then, the winners and advancing writers have been announced! Brittany Means and Orion Joll will be moving on! Though the polls were anonymous, I have no problem admitting that my front-running candidate was Brittany. I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes the competition.

The next events are as follows-

Friday 3/28 – 6PM @ The Cup

Jeff Owens- (Another Literary Citizen) See his blog here!

Brianna Pierce

Brandy Banister- (Yet Another LitCit) Blog here!

Cooper Cox

Ben Rogers


Friday 4/04 – 6PM @ Bracken Library 104

Paul Enzmann

Sarah Hollowell

Kaiti Crittenden

Camille Isis Germain

Blake Mellencamp


For more information on the contest, you can read about it on the dedicated Facebook page, here.


Author: ejlong0

Wrapping up my final year in earning my Bachelors from Ball State University. I have a Marketing Major and a Creative Writing/Japanese Minor. Currently trying to secure a position in the JET program to teach ESL in Japan!

5 thoughts on “Literary DeathMatch BSU

  1. It’s so cool that you attended this and got to witness some creative writing in action. I always love when you get to go and support fellow classmates and be proud of them for what they’re doing. I appreciate that you put the line up because I had no idea who was going when. Also, go all of our lit citizen competitors!

  2. Wow, thank you so much! I don’t remember seeing you there, but I was also preoccupied with trying to finish my Pita Pit before going up to read. Maybe I’ll see you at some of the others.

  3. Pretty cool, nice linking to the LitCit blogs too. If you go to this event again you might add to this post by adding pictures or finding tweets about it. Some images would really punch up this post.

  4. That’s for the info!! I wanted to go but had to work! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to the next few!

  5. This sounds awesome! Congrats to you and all the other Lit Citizens! I agree with Haley that another post about your experience or adding to this post would be great. I mean I know I probably won’t be able to go, so seeing and read more about it would really help me feel as if I had actually gone.

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